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Veromundo Reel

A collection of moments captured by Veromundo.


Daquilema-Multimedia – Multimedia Spanish

This piece, produced for the Ecuadorian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, contains XIX century documents and photographs. The indigenous leader Fernando Daquilema, who was considered a myth by many, turns real thanks to the conservation of archival books, documents, pictures and historical research. This multimedia proves … Read More


Seniors Seeking Treatment for Depression Face Shortage of Geriatric Psychiatrists

Shortage of geriatric psychiatrists creates hardship for seniors from California Health Report on Vimeo. Depression is the most common psychiatric problem-mental health problem-that patients bring when they come to see a psychiatrist. There’s a shortage of geriatric psychiatrists in California and across the nation. The … Read More

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Inside the First Affordable LGBT-Welcoming Senior Housing in the Bay Area

Inside the first affordable LGBT-welcoming senior housing in the Bay Area from California Health Report on Vimeo.

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Reading to your Kids – Perfect Mom Series

Second Episode : Reading to your Kids Part 1: Why Read to Babies? Best books for babies. Second Episode : Reading to your Kids Part 2 – What to Read to Little Kids? Tips for books to read and how to read to toddlers and … Read More

Children are attracted to the illustrations.

What to Read to your Child – Perfect Mom Web Series.

The Second Episode of the Perfect Mom Series has two parts: PART 1. WHY BOOKS FOR BABIES? Why is it important to read to babies and what are the best books for them. PART 2. WHAT TO READ TO A LITTLE KID? Tips for books … Read More


Innkeeping at the East Brother Lighthouse – Multimedia

Since 1874, the Victorian lighthouse at East Brother Island has continued to be a landmark for sailors. “The light has to be on. If it’s not we have to tell the Coast Guard and there’s a back-up that comes on,” said Anne Witts, who together … Read More

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Knotty – multimedia

Through this short multimedia piece you’ll enter the world of bondage and also you’ll learn about the life of an expert bondage instructor. Produced by Verónica Moscoso in 2010.


What is your opinion about the Mehserle trial verdict? – Audio Slide Show

BART and bus riders from Richmond and neighboring cities give their opinion about the verdict in the Johannes Mehserle trial. The jury found Mehserle, a former BART police officer, guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 shooting death of Oscar Grant on an Oakland train platform.  The verdict caused … Read More

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Olivia – mybabymovie

As parents we go crazy about every new milestone our babies reach. I got tears in my eyes the first time I heard my baby laugh and wished I had a camera recording that moment. Her laughter is my favorite sound. Modern day parents, like … Read More


Richmond celebrates National Night Out with 24 block parties – Audio Slide Show

In an effort to build community and prevent crime, the City of Richmond celebrated the 27th annual National Night Out Tuesday with block parties throughout the city. The city joined 35 million citizens around the country in celebration. Police officers and firefighters visited 24 different … Read More


Encantada’s Dia: From the Sacred to the Profane – Audio Slide Show

Encantada store celebrated Dia de los Muertos with a fashion show. Chanting, dancing, singing, burning sage and ‘doing their little thing’ on the catwalk. That’s how true Mission locals like Encantada Gallery owner, Mia Gonzalez, and her crew of fashionistas throw down. Dia de Los … Read More