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Veromundo Reel

A collection of moments captured by Veromundo.


El Rey Arthur / Arthur the King

EL REY ARTHUR is the perfect book for level 2 Spanish learners. It contains about 450 unique words and a total of 4,200 words. This compelling novella is told from a dog’s point of view. The story is about the bond between a dog and … Read More

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Painting Workshop – Video Feature

Geovana Perea, a peruvian woman who lives in California, felt that painting help her tremendously to deal with stress. She organized an art workshop for Latinas. The goal was to help them release depression and stress. This video documents the feeling of the workshop. Audi … Read More

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Kerry’s Story – Video Testimonial

Kerry Rodgers, co-founder of Give a Day Global, gives an inspiring testimony about the power of giving and the reason why she founded the organization. This video was produced by Veronica Moscoso for Give a Day Global.


A look into Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center – Video Feature

In a City with Soaring Housing Costs, a Senior Center Keeps Elders in the Neighborhood.


Seniors turn to Tai Chi to improve wellness – Video Feature

In this story we go to Oakland where we spoke with seniors experiencing the benefits of regular Tai Chi practice. Originally developed for self-defense, Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that many now turn to for exercise. Research shows that Tai Chi reduces stress … Read More


A Wild Idea – Documentary Film

A Wild Idea is an award winning documentary about the Yasuní-ITT Initiative, Ecuador’s unprecedented proposal for fighting global climate change: In exchange for payments from the world community, the country would leave intact the vast oil reserves that lie beneath a pristine portion of the Amazon, … Read More

Fritada Chef Quito Ecuador

People from Around the World

Haitian woman in Dominican Republic.   Bird Girl at beauty salon. Ecuadorian flag man. California Siesta  

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From Fungicide to Organic – Video Feature

In this story we go to Sunnyside Organic Seedlings in Richmond where we met Pilar Reber who went from a pesticide applicator twenty years ago to the owner of a certified organic farm. Reber is now partnering with local non-profits to teach youth about organic … Read More


In-home care allows seniors to stay independent – Video Feature

This story is about in-home care but, more than that, it’s about the strong bond and love between two women: a senior and her caregiver. Produced by Veronica Moscoso originally for The California Health Report.

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Children Flying Coach: Easy Steps to Keeping your Sanity and Avoiding Jail Time

Children Flying Coach: Easy Steps to Keeping your Sanity and Avoiding Jail Time This is the third episode of the Perfect Mom Series Flying with small children? In 5 minutes all you need to know before going on that journey.

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Olivia y los monos / Olivia and the Monkeys — Book (Spanish)

  Olivia y los monos is an easy low-level Spanish novella for true beginners. It is almost entirely in the present tense with a smattering of past tense and no subjunctive. With about 285 unique words (not including obvious cognates) and plenty of repetition, it tells a … Read More