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El Rey Arthur / Arthur the King

EL REY ARTHUR is the perfect book for level 2 Spanish learners. It contains about 450 unique words and a total of 4,200 words. This compelling novella is told from a dog’s point of view. The story is about the bond between a dog and … Read More

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Olivia y los monos / Olivia and the Monkeys — Book (Spanish)

  Olivia y los monos is an easy low-level Spanish novella for true beginners. It is almost entirely in the present tense with a smattering of past tense and no subjunctive. With about 285 unique words (not including obvious cognates) and plenty of repetition, it tells a … Read More


¡JA JA JA! Chistes para aprender español. — Book (Spanish)

    Lots of laughs in 40 jokes for high beginners and intermediate learners of Spanish, each with a comical illustration, a glossary and easy questions for familiarization of the content. ISBN 978-1-60372-262-9   Class Meeting is tomorrow at 10:00! Our talent show will start at 10:30. … Read More


Los ojos de Carmen / The Eyes of Carmen – Book (Spanish, English and French)

Los ojos de Carmen (The Eyes of Carmen) is part of a series of novellas for Spanish learners. Los ojos de Carmen is the story of Daniel, a teenager California native that is passionate about photography and wants to win a contest. He has the … Read More

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Historias con sabor a sueño / Dream-Flavored Stories – Book (Spanish)

Historias con sabor a sueño (Dream-Flavored Stories) is the name of Verónica’s first book, published by Letramía in Quito, Ecuador in 2001. This book is a compilation of five fantasy stories. Each one is like a metaphor of some of the author’s life experiences and … Read More