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Capoeira – Radio Documentary

There is a lot to be said about Capoeira, a mixture between a martial art and a dance. This short radio documentary takes us to the Capoeria world and showcases the capoeristas from the Capoeira Arts Café. The voice of Pauline Winter narrates this documentary … Read More


Flamenco, ¿quién eres? – Radio Documentary (Bilingual)

  This hour-long radio documentary explores the past and present of Flamenco, an art forged by the gypsies, acclaimed by the kings and now known all around the globe. You’ll hear the sounds of classic and modern Flamenco and listen to the testimonies of those … Read More

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Sudhu and Free Improvisation – Radio Feature

Free Improvisation music has been pushing the limits of what we understand as music in a conventional sense. In this radio feature, Sudhu Tewari, one of the 21 century sons of the Free Improvisation movement, talks about what creating music is for him.  “Every single … Read More

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KPFA Apprenteceship Program – Radio PSA

Every year two groups of apprentices learn radio skills at KPFA radio through the First Voice Apprenticeship program. One way of advertising about this program is through PSA’s. Listen to this one, produced by Verónica Moscoso.   [Audio clip: view full post to listen]


The Dark Side of the Heart – Radio Feature (Both English and Spanish versions)

El lado oscuro del corazón (The dark SIde of the Heart) is the name of a film by acclaimed Argentinean film director Eliseo Subiela. This radio feature is about this film released in 1992 and the sequel released in 2001. The radio feature English version … Read More


Esmeraldas, música e historia – Radio Feature (Spanish)

The story goes that in the middle of the 16th century a ship of slaves sank while passing through the coast of northern Ecuador. The survivors reached the coast and found their freedom in a new land, first fighting and then making alliances with the … Read More

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Xmas – Radio Commentary

For many, Christmas is a time of the year that can be stressful and commercial. In this radio commentary Verónica explains the meaning Christmas has for her and why it is an enjoyable time for her and her family. [Audio clip: view full post to … Read More

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Silvio Rodriguez – Radio Feature

Silvio Rodriguez is probably the most famous Cuban singer song writer these days. His music is so acclaimed in Latin America that it is known even without any commercial campaigning or agent. In this feature Verónica Moscoso showcases the songs of Silvio Rodriguez, tells us … Read More


Foster Kids and Digital Storytelling – Radio Feature

Digital Story is helping foster youth to tell their stories and educate social workers. This radio feature explains what a digital story is and introduces part of the audio of two digital stories created by a young man and women who lived in foster homes. … Read More


New Year’s Eve in Ecuador – Radio Feature

Effigies’ burning, young men dressed like widows, and people wearing paper masks with politian’s faces are some of the traditions Ecuadorians celebrate during New Years Eve. All over Ecuador people follow the rituals despite geographic, religious, racial or economic differences. The voice of the family … Read More


The Nightmare – Radio PSA

KPFA radio, 94.1 fm is located in Berkeley, California. In 1949 it  became the first listener-supported radio broadcaster in the United States. Every year supporters pledge during the KPFA fund drives. The Nightmare is a PSA to remind supporters to pay their pledges. Produced by … Read More


Jose Roberto y sus amigos – Radio Show (Spanish)

Jose Roberto Hernandez is a gifted musician who was born in Mexico and now lives in Oakland, California. He enjoys mostly playing and creating Latin American music. A few years ago various musicians started to get together jamming at La Peña Cultural Center in Oakland. … Read More