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Qigong Master – Radio Interview

Bin Kun Hu is a Chinese doctor that practices the ancient art of healing through Qigong. He has his office in Berkeley, California. “Qigong is a long process,” Bin Kun said. He started learning this discipline at the age of 13. The following radio interview … Read More


Camilo Mejía Conscientious Objector – Radio Interview

Conscientious objector Camilo Mejía spent six months in Iraq. After coming back to the US for a 2-week furlough he refused to return to fight in Iraq. He was charged with desertion and sentenced to one year in prison. A month later after his release, … Read More

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Latino Soap Operas – Radio Feature

Telenovela means soap opera in Spanish. Telenovelas are extremely popular in Latin America and are a family event. Latin-Americans grow up watching them. Through narration and testimonies this radio feature tells the history, stereotypes, influence and development of this genre in Latin-America. Produced by Verónica … Read More


Ecuadorian Coup – Radio Commentary

On April 20, 2005, Ecuadorian president Lucio Gutierres had to fled the country following a week of massive demonstrations that led to a coup. This commentary gives the context of the political happenings that caused Ecuadorians discontent with Gutierres and the actions they took to … Read More