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Historias con sabor a sueño / Dream-Flavored Stories – Book (Spanish)

Portada Primer LibroHistorias con sabor a sueño (Dream-Flavored Stories) is the name of Verónica’s first book, published by Letramía in Quito, Ecuador in 2001. This book is a compilation of five fantasy stories. Each one is like a metaphor of some of the author’s life experiences and the teachings they left her. The result are narrations similar to fairy tales for grown ups.

“While I was developing the plot I felt so involved in my imagination and had so much pleasure, that I lost the notion of time. I enjoyed every second that I worked on the creation of the stories, re-rewriting and editing.”



The following is a taste of each one of the stories.

Entregué mis cuentos (I Gave Away my Stories)

“One full moon, I entered my room to discover a faint but warm yellow light glowing in the middle of the dark. With curiosity, I approached and saw that the glow was coming out from a stack of papers where I wrote my stories. I wasn’t afraid, but when I touched them I did so very carefully. The tips of my fingers were able to feel a beat and amid the silence I could hear the stack of papers breathing slowly and deeply, as if were a baby.


La Maldición (The Malediction)

“One night, a mysterious halo of the full moon bathed the temple. The villagers of the town of Non, believed that it was a divine sign of prosperity. They gathered to admire this miraculous spectacle. Joel missed the moon. He slept early, as always. That night while Joel was breathing calmly, deep in sleep, he dreamt about a white-golden luminosity that spoke to him with no words, ‘When thou lose thy fear of the darkness thou will save thy people.’ “


En la Luna (At the Moon)

“Everything I’m about to tell happened while I lived for three months on the Moon. My parents were a bit worried but despite of it they were proud. My friends on Earth were jealous and said, “You are so lucky!” I was happier every day at the Moon Station learning and working together with a team of friendly, adventurous and energetic young people. “


La Estatua de Apolo (The Statue of the God Apollo)

“The immense marble statue of God Apollo resided inside the temple. It’s face was serious and solemn. A  Greek robe half covered a youthful and robust chest. The statue was white and beautiful, a true work of art. It was so perfect that men and women fell in love with it.”



Mateo y la Montaña (Mateo and the Mountain)

“Mateo felt happy. Like all adventurers, he believed he was prepared to face any situation he could encounter. Mateo approached them and they approached him. Then, an enormous cloud drifted away letting the moon illuminate the squalid bodies of some half-human half-canine creatures.  They spoke between growls with their slobbery muzzles.”