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Los ojos de Carmen / The Eyes of Carmen – Book (Spanish, English and French)

Los ojos de Carmen (The Eyes of Carmen) is part of a series of novellas for Spanish learners.

Los ojos de Carmen is the story of Daniel, a teenager California native that is passionate about photography and wants to win a contest. He has the opportunity to visit Ecuador and spend the summer with some relatives. In that way he kills to birds with one stone. He practices Spanish and takes pictures. In Ecuador Daniel finds himself in many situations that give him cultural shocks. He also finds the expressive eyes of Carmen and…

Many Americans that have traveled to Ecuador or Latin America feel identified with the situations that Daniel lives. And the students enjoy Los ojos de Carmen because it is a story that teaches them what it means to be immersed in a different culture. They like Daniel because this character is similar to them. This novella is very popular among readers.

“The biggest challenge when I wrote this story was to do it having in mind the readers of this book. Since this is a book for people that are learning Spanish I couldn’t extend myself in the use of vocabulary, just the opposite, I had to use very simple language and repeat words. Despite of its simplicity, it’s one of the most advanced novellas from it’s series.”

CPLI and Blaine Ray Workshops published this novella in 2005.


Les Yeux de Carmen is a French adaptation of Los ojos de Carmen by Monique Gregory. The plot is basically the same but it develops in the French Guyana since it’s meant for students of French.

Les Yeux de Carmen was published in 2006.


The Eyes of Carmen is the same story of Los ojos de Carmen translated to English and meant for English language learners.

This version was published in 2007.


Los ojos de Carmen Audio CD is the version of this book in audio. It contains two CDs that hold the eleven chapters of the book. This version has music, sound effects and the narration has a rhythm appropriate for Spanish students.