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Olivia – mybabymovie

As parents we go crazy about every new milestone our babies reach. I got tears in my eyes the first time I heard my baby laugh and wished I had a camera recording that moment. Her laughter is my favorite sound.

Modern day parents, like us, are fortunate to have recording devices like smartphones, ipads and digital cameras. Often times we get lucky and capture those amazing moments that will always warm our hearts.

I’m one of those parents that try to have all these multimedia gathered in a folder and backed up. I wish I had more time to do it. The truth is that most parents are too busy and generally we have bits and pieces of these precious moments scattered. That’s why I produced Olivia. I wanted to have one solid video that could summarize our experience as parents using the pictures, audio and video that we casually took through our baby’s life.

The idea of mybabymovie is to offer this service to parents and caregivers that, like me, would love to have a documentary short of their baby. As a mother and a filmmaker I feel it’s important to document our story. When years go by, we will treasure it and the child will love it.

All babies are different and so are the stories and life experiences that they bring to their parents. Some stories have challenges. Maybe you had trouble getting pregnant, maybe the birth was hard, maybe the adoption process was way too long… I just know that the stories of people overcoming challenges are the most remarkable and memorable, because that’s what’s life is about.

Every story can be told in different ways. Your baby’s movie can have the exact same format that Olivia has or can be completely different. It can have a profound tone or it can be simply hilarious or a hybrid of both.

The movie can be a present for you, as a parent, to look back and recognize that your baby has changed so much. It may be a gift for the grandparents and relatives that don’t often see the baby because of location, busy schedules, and the like. It can be a baby shower contribution for the parents to be or perhaps a mother’s day gift. It can be a present for the baby’s future birthday, grad or other special occasion.

The movie can be very private, seen just by people close to you and the baby. It can also be seen by everyone and go viral on youtube. It’s up to you.

Putting together a movie is a craft. It means knowing the technology, but also understanding how to edit in a compelling and engaging way. I offer my service as a storyteller, an award-winning filmmaker and as a media savvy that has more than twenty-years working in different communication areas. To know more about me click here and to contact me click here.

Getting Started

1. Please read all the following steps and then contact us so we can have a phone conversation to start.

2. Pre-interview We’ll have a phone pre-interview for about 10-15 minutes, so we can get a glimpse of what would be the best way of telling your baby’s story. If we decide it’s important for your story, then we’ll make an appointment to record an interview with you for the movie. When we set up an appointment we’ll e-mail you a list of ideas, questions, etc.

3. Materials The day of the interview. We need a hardrive or flash drive with the videos and pictures for the movie. On the hardrive, please make a folder with the best videos of your baby. No less than 15 videos and no more than 30.
The formats that we can work with are the ones that have mov extension if you have an iphone we are good to go.
Make a second folder and collect the best pictures of your baby. No less than 30 pictures and no more than 60.
It’s okay if you want only videos in your movie or only pictures. If that’s the case let me know.

As you know editing has to do with cutting, so few of the videos or photos may not appear on the film. Therefore if there are photos or videos that you think MUST be there, let us know and I’ll make sure to keep them in the edit.

What is “the best”?
Look for pictures and videos that amaze you every time that you see them. They can be the ones that have significant moments of your baby’s life. Also they can be the ones that have important people for your baby (your best friend, grandpa, yourself, etc). Or they can be the ones that are esthetically pleasing.

4. The interview. Voice over is the voice of an unseen commentator heard during a film. In the case of Olivia there are two voices, the father and the mother. Not all documentaries need to have your voice. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t want to be interviewed. You might want different things for the voice over, like a poem, a letter that you wrote, or neither. You may also want more than one person interviewed. For this type of movie, it’s best to have four interviews at most.

5. The music. If you want the movie to be for private use only, you can use any music you want. If you want to post the movie online and you want commercial music, you’ll have to buy the rights. There is available music that’s free to download and you don’t have to pay for the rights.

Music is optional, of course. You can provide, as noted above, or I’m more than happy to select music for you for a modest fee of $70.00. There is also a very cool choice to have music composed exclusively for your baby’s movie. Our staff includes an awesome music composer. For just $100 the movie will have it’s own original soundtrack!

6. The work. For those of you not familiar with video production, here’s a brief summary of the services that are performed:

a. Transcribe the interviews.

b. Review the videos and photos

c. Look for the best way to tell the story

d. Write a script

e. Carefully edit all the audio and video elements

f. Work on video transitions.

g. Search and select the music

h. Mix music with other audio elements

i. Work on audio transitions.

j. Work with audio levels.

The process will take at least 25 hours of work.

7. More material. If we’re in the middle of working and realize that we need specific photos or videos, we’ll e-mail you a link where you can upload them for us.
When we’re almost done. We’ll e-mail you a “rough cut” for you to check out and make corrections and/or changes if you need to.

8. Feedback. We’ll post the movie online just for you to watch. To protect your privacy we’ll provide a password. You can watch the video and give us feedback. If needed we’ll work on changes for free. Then you’ll get your final cut. If you want more changes after the final cut, we charge an extra $50 per hour of editing.

9. Done. You’ll get a DVD with the movie and we’ll return your flash drive or hard drive with the mov file for you to use however you want. If you’d like we can help you upload it onto Vimeo and/or Youtube. The video can have a password so only the people that you choose can access it.

Videos made on smartphones aren’t the best quality, played on a big screen they might look grainy. They are good enough for the Internet.

10. Length. We envision seven to nine minutes long movies. Olivia is seven and a half minutes. We suggest to keep the movie short and sweet like Internet videos tend to be. It’s up to you if you want a longer version. In this case, our estimate will include some extra fees.

11. Price. The price is $875 for the whole deal. That is a seven to nine minutes long movie. You pay half before we start and then the other half when we’re finished. If you want to add music to the movie you have different options detailed in point 5. If you want to add more minutes to the movie: $80.00 per minute.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.